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About Lucy
We continue to misunderstand one another, despite having more information than ever about our fellow beings. That’s why I strive to give an undistorted voice to people and communities, particularly those who struggle to be heard.

I create filmic portraits that tell people’s stories, celebrate their nuances and highlight the things that make us all unique. These portraits give us a glimpse into others’ lives and help us to understand them a little better.
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I have an eternal curiosity for what makes humanity so culturally and socially diverse.

I have lived in many different environments including the UK, the Arab World and Afghanistan. This has fed my fascination and enriched my working life.

I make authentic connections with the people I interview - be it a ninety something in a rural setting in the UK, or a child refugee from Syria.
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Take a moment to listen
Understanding comes from listening to people’s stories and recognising some of what they say in yourself. I sit and listen, record visuals and audio and help bring their unique voice to life.
Just me
I understand that it can be intrusive and intimidating having a team of people in your space. That is why I prefer to work alone - from my experience it brings the best results.
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All walks of life
I have had the pleasure to work and connect with a wide diversity of people. From Jean, a woman in her nineties who spoke about her experiences from nearly a century on the planet, to Fatima, an 11 year old Syrian refugee about her dreams for the future. Every story is unique, and to me, equally interesting.
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